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Suggested Guidelines for Communicating with your Child

We have seen firsthand how excited the children are to hear from their sponsors.  I have explained to the children that someone, a sponsor, in the United States is paying for them to attend school.  I have explained that this sponsor is making a sacrifice in order to help them. They understand, they are so thankful, and they want to know more about this generous American!
     • When writing letters, please keep in mind that some of the children understand limited English, especially the younger ones.  Keep it simple.
     • I don’t recall seeing any cursive writing, stick to printing.
     • Tell them anything you want them to know about you; your family, your pets, your job, your hobbies. 
     • Feel free to ask questions. The children receive help in reading your letters and writing back so they will try to answer questions.
     • Do not send gifts, candy or money.  Do send cards, letters and photos.  They love the photos!
     • Suggested photos: family members, pets, local landscape.  Photos of seashells, the beach and a church were a big hit with the kids recently.
     • Be sensitive to cultural differences and differences in standard of living.  A photo of the family gathered at the table for a thanksgiving feast or of children opening gifts at Christmas might make your child feel badly.
Mail to and from Kenya is unreliable.  Usually either I or my colleagues will deliver correspondence between sponsors and their children during one of our trips.  We appreciate your patience when waiting for a letter or a reply from your child.

Please send your correspondence to your child to:
3213 Barlow Court
Wilmington, NC 28409

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