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Primary School Sponsorship Program

The following profiles are of children we have identified as candidates for One Way Out’s sponsorship program. All of our children are from two rural villages in Kenya, Dago and Oronkai and are from the Luo and Maasai tribes.  We have personally met, photographed and gathered background information on each child.  We know all of these children personally; many very well, having visited their homes, met their parents and guardians, and spent time with them during each of our visits to Kenya over the years.

Most of these children are orphans (partial and full) as a result of HIV/AIDS, and many of the surviving parents are HIV positive.  Out of respect to these families privacy, we do not publish this HIV/AIDS statuses on the internet.  Additionally, we do not post family (surnames) of the children.  The names given are Christian names, followed by first name in “mother tongue” and a nickname.

Each child has a unique story.  Should you be interested in sponsoring a particular child we will be happy to share their story with you.

Dago Dala Hera Preschool

The following children currently attend or are on the waiting list to attend Dago Dala Hera Preschool.  Most are in need of sponsors in order to be able to continue attending the preschool.  Please consider supporting a child for only $65 for an entire year. 
A preschool sponsorship is short term, between one and three years.  Due to the high turnover of children attending the program (some only attend one year before moving on to primary school), it is difficult to keep sponsorship statuses updated online.  Please contact us at  for more information on which children are available for sponsorship.

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