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What You Can Do...


Sponsor a Child in Primary or Secondary School.

-In addition to a quality education, sponsored children receive full room and board, school supplies and transportation.

For only $500 per year ($600 the first year) you can
Put food in your child’s stomach
Put clothes on your child’s back
Give your child a bed to sleep in
Provide you child with all of the basic necessities
And most importantly
Provide your child with the absolute best education available in Kenya.
Meet the Kids
Yes! I want to Sponsor a Primary School Age Child
Make a donation
Current projects for which we are fundraising include:
• Headstrong Scholarship
•Student Medical Fund
• Dairy and poultry projects
• Well and water projects

Donate Now
Volunteer with us! 
We have lots of needs! Email us at for more information.
Host  a Harambe
In Swahili, harambe means “let’s pull together”. In true African Style, harambe is one big party or gathering, uniting the community while working together for a chosen cause. In the harambe spirit, invite your friends, neighbors, coworkers, church members, or book club to learn more about Kenya and our programs. You provide the place, a few drinks and snacks and we’ll bring a slide show, lots of entertaining and heart-warming stories, and unique items and jewelry from Kenya available for sale. Call us at 910.512.0598 for more information and to schedule your harambe.
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