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One Way Out facilitates educational sponsorships by connecting a donor in the U.S. who wants to help, with a child in Kenya who needs it. We are committed to supporting this ongoing relationship between sponsor and child for the life of the child’s education.  The Headstrong Scholarship is a merit and need based scholarship for female students to attend secondary school in Kenya. Full and partial scholarships are awarded and disbursed over four years.Funds are used to pay for tuition and approved school related expenses such as books, uniforms and school supplies.

Primary School Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a primary school student at Sirua-Aulo Academy.

Sirua-Aulo Academy is a private primary school founded by Namunyak Maasai Welfare, a non-governmental organization (NGO).  It opened its doors in May of 2008 to roughly 70 children and now serves over 300 students from preschool through grade eight.  The mission of Sirua-Aulo Academy is to prepare children for a future in which they are able to provide for their families and to make meaningful contributions to the world.  Although Sirua-Aulo Academy has only been operating for a few short years, it’s students are consistently the top performers in their district and in benchmark testing with top Kenyan schools.

In addition to the high level of education they receive at Sirua-Aulo Academy, sponsored children are also provided room and board.  This includes “luxuries” for the children including a bed, light in the evenings to do their homework, regular meals and time to actually commit to their studies rather than working to find food and water.  Sponsored students are also provided with:
     • All required school clothing including uniforms and shoes.
     • Boarding supplies such as a storage box, mattress, blanket, sheets, bath towel and wash tub.
     • Other school and personal supplies such as textbooks, pencils, pens, laundry and bathing soap, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste.

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